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Asphalt Potholes Patch & Repair Southwest Florida

Asphalt Potholes Repair

How To Deal With Asphalt Potholes and How To Prevent Them Happening?

Pothole Repair Southwest Florida
Asphalt pothole repair is a pretty routine maintenance practice in regions that experience moderate to severe winters. Everyone knows what potholes are, and the dangers and annoyances they cause for traffic and properties. Let’s dig a little deeper into asphalt potholes prevention.

Here are some important steps to Preventing Potholes

  1. Watch for depressions and level them out before pooling water breaks down asphalt binders.
  2. When asphalt is fading and drying out, be sure to seal-coat to protect the integrity of the asphalt. When the binder is gone, the aggregates and fines will pop out and your cracks will grow exponentially.
  3. Watch your pavement for cracks. Identify crack size and the best way to fill asphalt cracks as soon as they appear.

Asphalt Potholes Repair

HOT ASPHALT PATCHING – In this method, hot asphalt is mixed and used to cover the broken surface and formed as a patch to prevent water from penetrating and causing further damage to your asphalt.

SAW-CUT PATCH – During this asphalt repair, deteriorated areas of the pavement are saw cut and removed. These cut out areas are then filled with hot mix asphalt, according to the desired depth and grade, making this a more permanent fix to the problem.

MILLING – Milling involves grinding the pavement’s surface to a desired depth, and the millings are then loaded into a waiting dump truck to be recycled. A new layer of asphalt can then be paved to the thickness of pavement surface that was removed. Since milling allows for you to choose the depth of the repair, this method can save in costs.

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